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  • X8 Titan Mapping Drone
    X8 Titan Quadcopter Drone Frame (X8 Titan )
    This is our very own X8 Titan frame that we produce. The frame is CNC processed out of strong and light weight carbon fiber. For all you drone builders this frame is excellent.

    Package Includes:

    1pc. Top main plate
    1pc. Bottom main plate
    8pcs. 16mm x 14mm tubes
    8pcs. Motor mounts
    8pcs. 16mm aluminum tube clamps
    6pcs. Folderable arm tube clamps
    4pcs. 10mm gimbal rail supports
    2pcs. 10mm tubes
    2pcs. Landing gear T connector
    2pcs. 16mm end caps
    2pcs. 10mm end caps
    Includes all necessary 

    1) Batteries under the canopy
    2) Bigger props 
    3) More efficient
    4) More power
    5) Bigger payload capacity
    6) Stonger Fame
    7) Arms have a dihedral

    Size - 850mm
    Frame weight - 850g
    Payload 6.4kgs(Conservative)
    Props - up to 20"

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